A Portal Website For The Employees of Lowes – www.myloweslife.com

As an employee of Lowes, you will have be provided with an ID number often called the Sales ID number. This is the number that you have to use when you log in to www.myloweslife.com.


www.myloweslife.com is the website that employees of Lowes can visit to check on their benefits and information from the HR department. Only current employees of Lowes, whether they are part time or full time, can log on to this site. This website is a portal for the employees of Lowes.

myloweslife Employee Portal

When you log into the website www.myloweslife.com you are into the employee portal. You need your sales ID number and password to enter this portal. Here you can get all the information about your benefits as well as information about your health insurance and retirement benefits and 401K plan. In this portal you can also have an email address with which you can contact other employees. Along with the other information that you can find on this portal, you can also look up your work schedule.

Lowes Employee Portal log in

If you are a current employee of Lowes you may want to check into information regarding your benefits. In order to be able to do this you would need to log in to the company web site for the employees,www.myloweslife.com. To do this you need to follow the following steps:

• You need to have a computer and access to the internet

• You need to go to the website www.myloweslife.com

• Once on this site you will be asked for your Sales ID Number and password.

• If you have forgotten your password you can click on the forgot password link. This takes you to the next page where you have to enter your sales ID number and then click on the ‘Get Questions’ button. On giving the right answer to your security question you will be taken to your mail box where you will be given instructions to access your account.

• If you want to change your password or your security questions, you can have this option by clicking on the respective links at the top of the page. In order to access these links you have to be logged in.

www.myloweslife.com is one of the ways Lowes company helps its employees to not only keep in touch with all their benefits and employment package, but also lets them have an email account whereby they can keep in touch with other employees of the company. Since this website can only be logged in by current employees of the company, it makes it a very safe and secure environment for the employees.

Forgot password : https://pmf.myloweslife.com/pmf/ForgottenPassword/Login.html
Former employee page : https://www.myloweslife.com/pub/landing/index.html